SKEYETECH at CES 2018! Eureka Park – booth 50862

Posted in News on December 12, 2017


A major player in the civilian drone industry in France and a pioneer in drone-based videosurveillance, Azur Drones will be present at CES 2018, the international technological innovation show.
At this key event, Azur Drones will be presenting its Skeyetech solution, a 100% autonomous drone surveillance solution.

SKEYETECH drones, real hotbeds of technology, are able to program and undertake unmanned flights, before accurately landing on their docking stations to be recharged automatically. Since these are smart stations, they can be controlled remotely via an intuitive interface. This makes them capable of operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without any human intervention.



Installed on sensitive industrial sites, SKEYETECH drones can significantly enhance security. They are equipped with HD and thermal sensors and therefore provide security guards with a mobile observation point both by day and at night. In the case of an alert, SKEYETECH drones automatically take off, within a few seconds, to define the intrusion and help the officer to provide an appropriate response without putting himself in danger. The drones can also carry out routine rounds.

The SKEYETECH system is the result of two years of R&D on the Azur Drones site in Bordeaux. Thanks to the SKEYETECH solution, Azur drones aims to gain a foothold in the global market for sensitive site monitoring in 2018.

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