Azur Drones établit sa charte égalité

Gender Equality Charter


In order to formalise our commitment to gender equality, we have drawn up a charter highlighting all the actions we are supporting.
By accompanying our development, we are helping to transform customs and norms within an organisational environment that is constantly changing.
We believe in the impact we can have as a human-scale, dynamic and innovative company.
As such, we strive to promote an environment where everyone, regardless of gender, has the opportunity to flourish, to contribute fully to the success of our project and to access the same opportunities, responsibilities and benefits.
Gender equality is not only a question of justice, but also a driver of performance, creativity and prosperity. We recognise that the diversity of experience, perspectives and talents that each of our employees brings to our organisation is a source of strength and innovation.
Through this charter, we lay the foundations of our commitment to equality between women and men. We define our objectives, our guiding principles and the concrete actions we are taking to create an inclusive, respectful and fair working environment for all.

We are committed as a collective. Each of us is a key player in this change, supporting this charter and contributing to the achievement of our objectives for equality between women and men. Together, we are working towards a stronger, more balanced and fairer organisation.

  1. Objectives and Guiding Principles :

1.1 Equal Opportunities and Chances

At Azur Drones, we are determined to co-create an environment where every employee has access to the same opportunities for development and promotion, regardless of gender.

In order to allow the Company’s workforce to become more female-dominated, the Organisation applies a policy of positive discrimination in favour of women, with equal skills, in its recruitment. Our managers have always been sensitive to parity within their teams. However, we have been forced to recognise the low number of female applicants for engineering and technical positions, mainly due to the lack of female vocations in specialised training courses in these fields, and we have not yet succeeded in achieving gender balance within the workforce.

For example, women accounted for only 16% of the workforce at 1 September.

Management is also maintaining its commitment to equal pay for men and women with the same skills, thereby also promoting a balanced gender equality index.

1.2 Harmony between professional and personal life

We aim to achieve a work-life balance by offering flexible working policies, supporting birth/adoption-related leave and promoting a working environment that respects everyone’s needs.

In this context, we act fairly when it comes to supporting parenthood. As we do for employees returning from maternity leave, we are organising an interview for employees returning from paternity leave, in order to provide the fairest possible support for those of us who are becoming parents. This individual support enables us to plan a work organisation that allows for a good balance. In this respect, we have proposed the possibility of flexible teleworking days for parents of young children under the age of three, to enable them to deal more easily with the unforeseen situations created by looking after a young child.

1.3. Balanced Leadership

The organisation seeks to achieve a balance between men and women at all levels of leadership and responsibility by actively encouraging the professional development of women and their access to management positions.

In a context where women are still under-represented in applications for positions of responsibility/management, Azur Drones is committed to local and regional partnerships that encourage gender diversity.

It is in this context that the Company has joined the association « ELLES BOUGENT », whose main ambition is to strengthen the diversity of talent within companies in the industrial and technological sectors. In this way, Azur Drones wishes to commit itself to combating the stereotypes that weigh on industry and to encouraging young girls to consider careers in the scientific and technological sectors.

At Azur Drones, we are counting on our sponsors and our relays to convey this message (in particular for our sponsors, by embodying it) and to enable young girls to project themselves more easily.

1.4 Everyone’s Active Commitment

We encourage every member of our organisation to actively support this charter, to report any discrimination or inappropriate behaviour and to contribute to the creation of a fair and respectful working environment.

This charter comes into force on 1 January 2024.