a complete solution to security and operations support.


Skeyetech E2 is a 2-in-1 solution allowing port infrastructures to manage their site security on one hand, and to support daily operations on the other.

SKEYETECH E2 services for PORTS:

Operations and maintenance support
Environmental monitoring

What can SKEYETECH E2 do for you?

Fence and entrance control
Human detection
Coastline protection
Control of transshipment procedures
Container counting and checking
Smooth storage controls
Degassing tracking operations
Detection of gas leaks
Mapping of technical installations
Follow-up on construction & maintenance operations

Fast and efficient security patrols and checks

Skeyetech E2 can carry out night and day perimeter patrols, giving your teams on the ground quick situational awareness in alert situations, but also air support for intrusions.

Aerial support for docking activities

Skeyetech E2 being operational 24/7, you can have quick and safe aerial information for all docking activities in real-time and without blind spots.

Skeyetech E2 is integrated into your procedures for transshipment control, container counting and checking, storage control and degassing tracking operations.

Improved pollution controls

Skeyetech E2 can integrate sensors allowing you to assess suspicious emissions, especially by detecting hydrocarbon gas leaks (methane, propane, butane, …) but also by measuring gas and particle concentrations. Thanks to precise qualification and quantification, Skeyetech E2 allows quick response.

Easier technical infrastructure controls

Using Skeyetech E2 during maintenance operations helps you reduce downtime and activity stoppages, and makes it possible to plan your maintenance before anything happens (predictive maintenance). Thanks to high-frequency mapping of technical installations and photogrammetry, your follow-up on construction operations has never been easier, giving precise progress data.

They trust Azur Drones

“Health, safety, and environmental protection are key values for Oiltanking. The fully autonomous drone technology not only allows us to support our operations while strengthening the security and safety of our sites but also enhances the use of smart and sophisticated digital technology at our sites.”

Karl Henrik Dahl

Vice President Nordics – Oiltanking

“Due to its dense activity and regulatory requirements, the Port Facility must be secured 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. It became clear that our human presence and the operator’s CCTV system should be complemented by drone technology. The Skeyetech system, integrated with Genetec, improves the responsiveness and efficiency of the security teams that monitor the installations.”


Chief Operating Officer – Eamus Cork

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