Unlocking aerial data power

Leverage and secure your operations

A drone infrastructure at your fingertips

Azur Drones sets up drone infrastructure on your sites to make your operations more efficient. Skeyetech E2 is mission-ready 24/7 and can be operated remotely without requiring pilot certification.

Easy-to-use, just click to secure your sites and take the protection of your staff, your assets, and the environment to the highest level.

A turnkey solution

Azur Drones provides all the necessary support to deploy and maintain Skeyetech in operational condition on your sites. From A to Z, Azur Drones oversees your project and lets you focus on your job.

These are the different phases of a Skeyetech E2 deployment project.

Before deploying our systems, a series of checks must be carried out on-site to verify the feasibility of the deployment:

  • Checks for any air restrictions in the area;
  • Analysis of the surrounding infrastructure;
  • Analysis of the site configuration.

Azur Drones is trusted by the most demanding regulators in the world:

  • Assessment of the regulatory context;
  • Drafting/preparation of the application for flight authorization.

Depending on your experience, full delegation of the work with the local civil aviation authorities can be considered.

Our Operations team will take care of the full deployment of the infrastructure on your site.
Our team will configure the system according to the validated plans.

Skeyetech E2 is an automated drone: remote pilot certification is not required to use our solution. After a short introduction to our solution, your team will know how to operate the system and how to manage some basic maintenance operations.

Our Operations team is there to help when maintenance is required. Replacement of wear parts (propellers, motors, battery) according to the Skeyetech E2 maintenance plan is included in all our contracts. In some cases, maintenance can be provided by local partners.

Our technical support is available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, if required.
Because the systems are connected, many operations and updates can be carried out remotely, including predictive maintenance to avoid potential breakdowns.

A remotely operated solution

Skeyetech E2 can be operated remotely thanks to specific remote flight authorizations.

Skeyetech E2 opens up the path to exciting opportunities and demonstrated ROI:

Remotely operated;
Centralization of several drones in a single centralized security HQ;
Management of site operations in remote areas.

A solution that provides the most advanced level of information.

Skeyetech E2 is a real game changer for all operations requiring permanence or recurrence.

Greater responsiveness
Frequent patrols or inspection missions
Data collection missions

Oil & gas

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Nuclear energy

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Public safety

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Sensitive industries

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Solar energy

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