Sensitive Industries

The best partner to protect people, assets, and the environment.

a multi-role solution for all your safety issues

On high-risk industrial sites, Skeyetech E2 has the advantage of being useful to different departments (security, quality, environment, …). By embedding up to three payloads, it can carry out security missions and gas monitoring, environmental or inspection missions.


Infrastructure maintenance
Gas monitoring
Environmental controls

What can SKEYETECH E2 do for you?

Perimeter patrols
Intrusion detection
Infrastructure inspections
Operations support
Gas monitoring
Crisis management

Strengthened site security

Improve your surveillance without installing new cameras thanks to your aerial robot with an optical and thermal camera.

Skeyetech E2 carries out perimeter patrols and detects any intrusion.

Optimized inspection operations

Skeyetech E2 prevents failures of assets thanks to a high-quality optical camera.

Easy to organize and to plan, the use of Skeyetech E2 for your inspection operations is also safer considering the complexity of some missions.

Reduced environmental risks

Equipped with a gas sensor that can measure and identify up to 9 gases, Skeyetech E2 provides accurate data. Beyond the monitoring of gas emissions, Skeyetech E2 can detect leaks thanks to frequent inspection routines.

You can also improve and monitor your carbon emissions by using Skeyetech E2 instead of a vehicle or a helicopter, while obtaining data about it.

Better crisis management

With its deployment in less than 30 seconds, Skeyetech E2 has increased responsiveness allowing to quickly secure assets and people.

Skeyetech E2 can also be used to improve live drills.

They trust Azur Drones

“Health, safety, and environmental protection are key values for Oiltanking. The fully autonomous drone technology not only allows us to support our operations while strengthening the security and safety of our sites but also enhances the use of smart and sophisticated digital technology at our sites.”

Karl Henrik Dahl

Vice President Nordics – Oiltanking

“La Hague is a site that has high levels of protection, with over 500 people dedicated to security and safety. It is constantly seeking improvements in these fields. As drones offer unrivalled reactivity and vision capacities, we quite naturally wanted to test this new tool as soon as the autonomous technology made it possible to simplify their use. “

Emmanuel Vial

Orano La Hague Site & Material Protection Department Manager

“Autonomous drones are game changers for sensitive sites security. They offer higher responsiveness and unmatched visual capabilities thanks to their thermal sensor and their mobility, while providing real operational support for ground teams. The deployment of the Skeyetech solution is part of BASF’s desire to integrate state-of-the-art technologies to make its teams more performant.”

Thomas Oberling

Operations and Situation Center Officer – BASF

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