an automated Drone,
at your fingertips,
when you need IT,
where you need IT.

Skeyetech E2 is an innovating drone-in-a-box solution providing around-the-clock service without human intervention, Beyond Visual Line Of Sight (BVLOS).

With its connected base used to charge and protect the drone between missions, Skeyetech E2 is operational 24/7. The system is easy-to-use and requires no pilot training or flying skills.

Mission-ready 24/7
Fully automated
No pilot
Remotely operated

A multi-application platform

Up to 3 different payloads embedded simultaneously to meet multiple needs: aerial video surveillance, photogrammetry, radioactivity & gas detection, …


Skeyetech has been deployed on client sites since 2019. It has carried out 25,000+ automated operational flights and traveled more than 40,000 km.

The solution has been designed to run flight after flight all year round, anywhere. It is currently deployed in the most demanding environments for major players in different sectors: oil & gas, nuclear, renewables, chemical industry, steel industry, ports, construction sites and smart cities.


operational flights




daily operators


years of operation

A worldwide presence with leading clients


As of 2019, Azur Drones became the first manufacturer approved for BVLOS flights without a pilot or visual observer in France. Since then, Azur Drones has obtained many unprecedented BVLOS authorizations in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and South America.

A precursor in the field of innovating drone operations, Azur Drones continuously contributes to regulatory work at the international level to make autonomous flights a standard, and drone-in-a-box technology accessible to industry.

SKEYETECH E2 standard concept of operations:

BVLOS flights
Day and night
Ultra-safe & simplified use by an operator (Azur Drones dedicated training)

Plug & play


Thanks to specific plug-ins, Skeyetech E2 is plug & play using the major VMS (Video Management System) solutions available on the market (Genetec, Milestone…).

With Skeyetech E2, flying drones has never been easier. Click a button to send the drone on a security patrol, a quick & accurate inspection, or any type of security check or detection.

Skeyetech E2 can operate as a stand-alone system, be integrated into a Video Management System or into any other business workflow.

The user-friendly interface allows you to run:

Pre-programmed missions

Surveillance or inspection routines.

On-alert missions

Automatic take-off if an alert is triggered.

Click & Go flights 

Just click to indicate a point of destination. The drone will automatically suggest the smartest route to destination.

state-of-the-art technology

Safety first
Parachute, vital component redundancy.
Always on duty
Highly responsive, speed charging, battery hot swapping.
Smart & reliable
Automatic deployment, powerful on-board computer, predictive maintenance.
Designed for industrial environments
Weatherproof, resistant to electromagnetic disturbances.
Radio frequency, 4G or through a private LTE bubble.
Up to 3 simultaneous payloads.