Get real-time radioactivity measurements

Skeyetech E2: a unique radioactive emission monitoring capability.

The Skeyetech E2 payload can include a scintillation camera (DIZI sensor) to conduct gamma radioactivity search and location missions. Using Skeyetech E2, you will complement your ground surveillance with an aerial approach, while increasing your responsiveness and safety.

Schedule your checks

  • Automatic search for radioactive contamination;
  • Similar patrols to compare measurements over time;
  • Easy scheduling of patrols and surveillance missions.

Get real-time data monitoring

  • Quickly survey large potentially contaminated areas;
  • Monitor contamination progress;
  • Provide situation updates.

Improve team safety

  • Access to accurate information to protect those involved or to be involved;
  • Reduced accident risks for teams during the search;
  • Reduced human presence near the hazard zone.

Greater availability

  • Increased responsiveness to alerts;
  • Ongoing availability to provide accurate perimeter information;
  • Valuable air support for crisis management and rescue operations.

Identify the missions Skeyetech E2 can provide.

Using the DIZI (gamma scintillation) sensor built into Skeyetech E2, it is easier to get real-time data on radioactivity to prevent an incident, schedule your maintenance operations, or deal with an event.

real-time measurements

Radioactivity dose mapping, isotope identification

specific & accurate information

In a crisis management context

routine surveillance missions

Anticipation, contamination checks through the ergonomic man/machine interface

They trust Azur Drones

“La Hague is a site that has high levels of protection, with over 500 people dedicated to security and safety. It is constantly seeking improvements in these fields. As drones offer unrivalled reactivity and vision capacities, we quite naturally wanted to test this new tool as soon as the autonomous technology made it possible to simplify their use. “

Emmanuel Vial

Orano La Hague Site & Material Protection Department Manager