Your new safety and security operation ally

Next level security

By day or by night, Skeyetech E2 supplies your teams live site security information. Skeyetech E2 guarantees you unparalleled efficiency and responsiveness.

Connected to your control centre, plug and play with the main VMS (Video Management Systems) on the market, Skeyetech E2 is very easy to use and requires no remote pilot training. Remotely operated, Skeyetech E2 can be enhanced with active image analysis capabilities (analytics) further increasing the security level.

Use Skeyetech E2 to protect your facilities while protecting your teams in the field.

Increased visual capabilities

  • A flying, mobile camera, giving access to general views;
  • Blind spots reduced to a minimum;
  • Day and night sensors;
  • Active image analysis capability (analytics).

Digitize the site

  • Skeyetech E2 makes it possible to reassign resources for optimum use;
  • Digitisation of security and integration of Artificial Intelligence;
  • Risk and incident mapping.

High responsiveness

  • Take-off in 30 seconds after receiving the order;
  • 50 km/h in flight;
  • 24/7 availability.

SKEYETECH E2, your operational ally.

Patrol / control missions

Perimeter rounds, doubt elimination, fence and opening checks, automatic presence detection

Crisis management

An aerial presence providing hitherto unavailable views, protection of active personnel with visual support and live intelligence capability for the teams on the ground

Thermal detection

Identification, detection, qualification of heat sources

They trust Azur Drones

“Health, safety, and environmental protection are key values for Oiltanking. The fully autonomous drone technology not only allows us to support our operations while strengthening the security and safety of our sites but also enhances the use of smart and sophisticated digital technology at our sites.”

Karl Henrik Dahl

Vice President Nordics – Oiltanking

“Autonomous drones are game changers for sensitive sites security. They offer higher responsiveness and unmatched visual capabilities thanks to their thermal sensor and their mobility, while providing real operational support for ground teams. The deployment of the Skeyetech solution is part of BASF’s desire to integrate state-of-the-art technologies to make its teams more performant.”

Thomas Oberling

Operations and Situation Center Officer – BASF

“La Hague is a site that has high levels of protection, with over 500 people dedicated to security and safety. It is constantly seeking improvements in these fields. As drones offer unrivalled reactivity and vision capacities, we quite naturally wanted to test this new tool as soon as the autonomous technology made it possible to simplify their use. “

Emmanuel Vial

Orano La Hague Site & Material Protection Department Manager

“Due to its dense activity and regulatory requirements, the Port Facility must be secured 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. It became clear that our human presence and the operator’s CCTV system should be complemented by drone technology. The Skeyetech system, integrated with Genetec, improves the responsiveness and efficiency of the security teams that monitor the installations.”


Chief Operating Officer – Eamus Cork