A state-of-the-art solution

Smart & Reliable

Don’t focus on managing drones!
Using Skeyetech E2, concentrate on collecting and analyzing data.

Powered by proprietary AI, Skeyetech E2 operates on its own. It carries out automated take-off, safe navigation based on live calculation functions and very accurate landing.
Skeyetech E2 monitors the status of all its sub-systems to detect and prevent failures, for maximum availability.

Always on duty

Always on stand-by, Skeyetech E2 takes off in less than 40 seconds.
Exclusive hot battery swapping: in the event of a crisis requiring the drone to stay on duty, the Skeyetech E2 battery can be replaced in less than 20 seconds without any tools so that it can be back in the air within seconds.

35 s


50 km/h

ground speed

27 min

flight time

<1 x

Flight time charging time

Safety first

Skeyetech E2 features aeronautical-like reliability and safety levels thanks to double or triple vital equipment redundancy (motors, electronics, power sources…).

The drone also has a pyrotechnic recovery system and an ultra-effective geo-caging system for aerial safety.

Designed for industrial Environments

Skeyetech E2 is manufactured using aeronautical grade components designed to withstand the most extreme climatic conditions: Skeyetech E2 is desert, snow, and high altitude proven.
The drone is also resistant to electromagnetic interference thanks to a compass-less navigation feature so that it can be installed in highly metallic or energized environments.

50 km/h
Drone wind resistance
7 mm/h
Drone rain resistance
Lowest operating temperature
Highest operating temperature
IP 65
Station protection rating
Station backup battery


On top of communications using radio frequency, 4G or through a private LTE, Skeyetech E2 is 5G network ready.

A multi-application platform

Embedded with up to 3 simultaneous payloads (1 main frontal payload and 2 side pods), Skeyetech E2 can be multi-configured to clients’ needs: surveillance, thermal inspection, photogrammetry, gas & radioactivity detection.

Main payloads

  • 4K camera with x20 zoom
  • Radiometric thermal camera 640×480
  • Hot WMIR detector 640×512
  • Gaz enhancement mode

Additional payloadS

  • Gamma scintillation detector
  • 26 MP camera
  • Up to 9 simultaneous gas detections
  • Gas mapping