Detection, qualification and quantification of gas emissions

Skeyetech E2: the solution for optimum gas emission control.

Using the appropriate payload (OGI thermal camera or gas sensor), Skeyetech E2 provides better, real-time, continuous monitoring over very large areas.

Improved pollution detection

  • Detection and mapping of 9 gases;
  • Clear and accurate identification of the gas to adapt the response to incidents;
  • Optimized response time to potential pollution;
  • Visualization on an ergonomic man/machine interface of the data.

Optimized risk management

  • High frequency 3D mapping of air pollutants over the site;
  • High accuracy of acquired data and instant reporting in the man/machine interface including location and quantification;
  • Prevention of your teams’ exposure to hazards.

Reduced environmental footprint

  • Pollution source identification and localization;
  • A genuine asset to assist your team in the decarbonisation plan.

Facilitate your predictive maintenance

  • Aerial inspection;
  • On-site data collection to prevent failures;
  • Access to high points difficult to reach by your staff.

Identify the missions Skeyetech E2 can provide.

Using the OGI thermal camera and gas sensor, Skeyetech E2 will allow you to detect and measure different types of gas, making it possible to prevent leaks and pollution or to support your teams during a possible incident.

Gas leak

Detection and monitoring of up to 9 gases including hydrocarbons (methane, propane, butane)

Air quality

Monitoring and anlysis for accurate reports

Risk mapping

Identification of risk areas on your industrial site

They trust Azur Drones

“Health, safety, and environmental protection are key values for Oiltanking. The fully autonomous drone technology not only allows us to support our operations while strengthening the security and safety of our sites but also enhances the use of smart and sophisticated digital technology at our sites.”

Karl Henrik Dahl

Vice President Nordics – Oiltanking

“Autonomous drones are game changers for sensitive sites security. They offer higher responsiveness and unmatched visual capabilities thanks to their thermal sensor and their mobility, while providing real operational support for ground teams. The deployment of the Skeyetech solution is part of BASF’s desire to integrate state-of-the-art technologies to make its teams more performant.”

Thomas Oberling

Operations and Situation Center Officer – BASF