a solution adapted to the needs of first responders

Fast, effective, and versatile, Skeyetech E2 combines all the characteristics essential to security and rescue operations.

SKEYETECH E2 services for public safety:

Security – Safety
Emergency response
Environmental monitoring

What can SKEYETECH E2 do for you?

Fence and entrance control
Human detection
Perimeter patrols
Lifebuoy drops
Quick situational awareness
Automatic intrusion detection
Live  incident geolocation

Law enforcement support

With the aerial support provided by Skeyetech E2, improve the surveillance of your key sites and your responsiveness to events. Teams on the ground get better quality data to assess the situation and to make the right decisions, while improving their responsiveness thanks to Skeyetech E2’s great mobility (at all times by a simple click to any area).


Time is of the essence when it comes to rescue and recovery.

Skeyetech E2 can be the first on site to help rescue teams assess the situation and decide which resources are needed.

Fire management

With its thermal camera, Skeyetech E2 provides fire front cartography.

Its gas sensor also detects smoke and gas.

Border protection

Skeyetech E2 carries out fast and effective perimeter patrols, at borders or over ports.

It can detect people or identify vehicles.

They trust Azur Drones

“With its automated operations and sensors, the Skeyetech system enables us to save a considerable amount of time on the average intervention. There is no need for a remote pilot. The teams on the ground concentrate on the most important part of the operation, i.e. victim rescue and assistance. Before the rescuers get to the victim, our teams have a real-time situation update: number and condition of the victims, context and progress of the mission… Thanks to Skeyetech, we will certainly be able to improve our efficiency and intervention time.”

Major Mathieu Giroir

Initiator & coordinator of the project within the Paris Fire Brigade’s Forward Planning & Research Department

“Due to its dense activity and regulatory requirements, the Port Facility must be secured 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. It became clear that our human presence and the operator’s CCTV system should be complemented by drone technology. The Skeyetech system, integrated with Genetec, improves the responsiveness and efficiency of the security teams that monitor the installations.”


Chief Operating Officer – Eamus Cork

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