Automate your photogrammetry missions and access the most accurate data.

Skeyetech e2: a simple and effective approach to measuring and modelling your sites and infrastructure.

Equipped with a photogrammetric camera, Skeyetech E2 allows you to improve the management and monitoring of your mining activities or construction work.

Optimise mining operations

  • Reduced costs;
  • Improved surveyor safety;
  • Can be processed using specialised software;
  • Production monitoring.

Get accurate technical data

  • Measurement of varied elements;
  • 3D mapping and pile inspection;
  • Digitizing your processes and obtaining accurate and recurring data.

Construction work checks

  • Work-in-progress monitoring;
  • Recurrent and comparative inventory.

Identify the missions Skeyetech E2 can provide.

Using its 26MP lens, Skeyetech E2 conducts photogrammetry missions to monitor mining activity, construction work or for detailed inspections.


Distances, surface areas, dimensions, volumes and slopes


Stock and stockpile estimates, work progress


3D mapping, ground scanning, 3D stockpile inspection

They trust Azur Drones

“The Skeyetech autonomous drone makes it possible to easily and quickly deploy a mobile camera in areas that are often difficult to access. Its speed of action makes security operations more efficient and safer, both day and night. In addition, this resident drone has the advantage of being multi-tasking and is shared with the site’s Operations, Production and Maintenance departments. Regular inspection by drone helps to prevent incidents and thus limit service stoppages.”

Alexandre Sumeire

Group Security Director – Eramet