Fully autonomous drone for safety and security

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Skeyetech is an innovative drone solution designed to strengthen security over sensitive sites. Fully autonomous, it provides around-the-clock service and security, without human intervention.

This system can be connected to any security network to provide real-time HD video to security HQ. It allows situational assessments in a matter of seconds, without jeopardizing operators safety








< 30


IP 43







Security drones at your fingertips

Skeyetech systems are 100% automated. Powered by a proprietary AI, Skeyetech drones can conduct automated takeoff, safe navigation based on live calculations functions and very precise landing.

Therefore, Skeyetech solution requires no pilot training for security guards and no flying skills. The security teams can follow automatic missions or order live missions, directly through their Video Management System

Operational 24/7

Skeyetech connected base recharges and protects the drone between missions. It has been designed to resist most extreme climatic conditions (IP56) and to deploy the drone in less than 30 seconds. In this way, Skeyetech drone is ready-to-fly anytime.

Moreover, the station ensures safe and latency-free communication between the drone and the VMS for the good execution of each mission.  It is also equipped with a predictive maintenance software, so that it is able to detect any failure risk.

Easy to implement

Skeyetech solution is compatible with main Video Management Systems (Genetec and Milestone) thanks to specific plug-ins (more information about the integration with Genetec and Milestone). Consequently, our drones can finally be easily implemented in an existing security network to strengthen safety level.

Azur Drones supplies you a complete service which includes: the installation of the Skeyetech solution on your site, the no-fly zones configuration, the training of your staffs on its use and the global maintenance of our products. Our experts also provide you a technical and operational assistance.

Reliable and rugged system

Skeyetech autonomous drones features aeronautical-like reliability and safety levels thanks to double or triple redundancy of vital equipements (engines, electronics, power sources…). The drone is also equipped with a pyrotechnic recovery system and an ultra-performing geo-caging system for aerial safety.

Moreover, the communication between the drone and its connected base is encrypted which ensures a secured data transmission. And thanks to VMS integretion, the video goes straight inside your security network, without transiting through a cloud. 

Skeyetech is the result of 3 years of research and development carried out by our experienced staffs in France. Azur Drones had to prove the reliability and safety of the product to the French authorities in order to obtain authorization for automated flights on private sites.

High quality sensors

Skeyetech drone is equipped with a highly stabilized brushless gimbal including a HD visible camera with high zoom capabilities and a high-precision thermal camera.  Selected for their perfect adaptation to day and night surveillance missions, those sensors allow identifying a person several hundred meters away. 

Skeyetech drones has been approved for autonomous flights since 2019






Skeyetech solution can be implemented on any site with a need of security and safety improvement. 



Sensitive industrial sitesSensitive industrial sites Off shore oil rigOil & Gas Critical infrastructures: nuceal plantsNuclear plants Port PortsData centersData centers 





  • Type: octorotor X8
  • Endurance: 25 min
  • Max flight speed: up to 14 mps / 50 km/h
  • Protection rate: IP 43 (waterproof)
  • Weather conditions: rain, wind speed up to 50 km/h / 31 mph

Skeyetech autonomous drone for security




  • Visible camera: HD res, with x20 zoom
  • Thermal camera: 640×480, with x4 digital zoom
  • Brushless gimbal with high stabilization level: < 30 μrad




  • Weight: 827 lbs / 375 kg
  • Size (L x W x H): 80 x 67 x 43 in /2.00 x 1.70 x 1.10 m
  • Protection rate: IP 65 (waterproof)
  • Deployment time: < 30 sec
  • Weather station: anemometer and rain gauge




  • Function: integration of Skeyetech system into the existing security
  • Controls: missions, camera

    More information about the integration with Genetec and Milestone





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