The European automatic drone leader AZUR DRONES is increasing its lead with the launch of SKEYETECH E2, its new multi-application solution.

Press release

Mérignac, France, 20 April 2023 – AZUR DRONES, a major automatic (unmanned) drone player is extending its offer and opening up to new opportunities with the launch of SKEYETECH E2. Following the success of its SKEYETECH which is already deployed on some of the global industrial leaders’ sites (TotalEnergies, BASF, Orano, ArcleorMittal, etc.) and by prestigious government agencies such as Dubai Police or the Paris Fire Brigade, AZUR DRONES is now in position as a provider of global personnel, environment and asset protection.

SKEYETECH E2, a structuring innovation in a dynamic market

The result of unparalleled experience in the field of automatic drones (25,000 completed flights, 40,000 km covered) SKEYETECH E2 has the capacity to take on a payload of up to three systems specific to many use cases. An ultra-connected, 5G-operational system, it meets hitherto unknown aviation standards in this market.
SKEYETECH E2 also has a configurable charging time: fast charging for intensive use (20+ missions per day), or slower charging and maximised service life for less frequent use. Finally, for crisis management situations in which longer flight times are needed, it is now possible to hot swap SKEYETECH E2 batteries, thereby giving the drone increased flight times.

More than just a drone, SKEYETECH E2 is a multi-application platform capable of providing aerial data of all types (video, gas capture, photogrammetry data, etc.) processed accurately and repeatedly using artificial intelligence.
SKEYETECH E2 fulfils many needs expressed by different players on a same site and can thus be used by different departments in a same company.
AZUR DRONES can take action, whether simultaneously or not, in the field of asset protection (inspection, maintenance), personnel protection (security, civil protection), and environmental protection (gas capture, miscellaneous pollution detection, radioactivity protection in the nuclear industry).

“We are especially proud to present SKEYETECH E2, a genuine game changer in the automatic drone market. A French solution stemming from expertise recognised by our clients and partners, SKEYETECH E2 further positions AZUR DRONES in an operational value creation approach at its clients’ sites. More than just a drone, SKEYETECH E2 is a true shared-use, multi-application platform that meets your clients’ needs for security, industrial operations support, and environmental protection. “ comments Jean-Marc Crépin, AZUR DRONES CEO.

A turnkey solution

AZUR DRONES has made SKEYETECH E2 part of an overall and particularly differentiating vision of its market: the simultaneous implementation of automatic drone infrastructure and services. Beyond automatic flights and the proposed integration of new applications, SKEYETECH E2 is part of a global offer that AZUR DRONES supplies to each client.
From site studies to operational deployment, and including regulatory studies and the use of specific sensors, AZUR DRONES delivers a perfectly integrated solution that can cover missions varying from on site maintenance and even remote system operation.

“SKEYETECH E2 is taking AZUR DRONES into a new era. The drone service era. We are offering access to an unparalleled level of accurate and recurrent data, but also, and this is where we stand out the most, a complete turnkey service that lets our clients optimise their operations and resource assignments. With SKEYETECH E2, AZUR DRONES has set out to conquer new markets with its new, major
ambitions. “ adds Jean-Marc Crépin, AZUR DRONES CEO.


Founded in 2012, AZUR DRONES is a French company, and the European leader in unmanned drones. It designs, produces and deploys a unique drone-in-a-box solution.
Its SKEYETECH and now SKEYETECH E2 systems are used daily by 250 operators in a dozen countries in Europe, the Middle East and soon in South America.
Operational 24*7, Azur Drones solutions provide an unparalleled aerial data capture service in the fields of security, safety, maintenance, gas detection and pollution. The company’s clients include some of the largest industrial and governmental contractors in France and elsewhere, such as TotalEnergies, ArcelorMittal, Orano, Oiltanking, Eamus Cork/Port of Dunkirk, Dubai Police, BASF, the European Union….