Super smart high-tech solutions are conquering the Middle East security market

Posted in Market on February 17, 2020


A fast-growing Middle East security market

According to a recent report of 6W Research, a global market research center, the Middle East security market is estimated to represent around US$8.4 billion in 2025. The report projects a 16% annual growth for the next twenty years. This growth will be driven by two factors: the development of infrastructures and the reinforcement of regulatory policies which involve a growing need for smart surveillance technologies.


Increasing security needs 

The research highlights 4 major players, who will mainly contribute to the Middle East security market expansion: Saudi Arabia (29.9%) followed by the UAE (24.7%), Qatar (10.2%) and Kuwait (7.2%). The region is home to mega-events such as Dubai Expo 2020 or the 2022 Football World Cup in Doha. These major events boost investment in large-scale infrastructure projects (construction of buildings, hotels, shopping centres, transport networks, etc.) that require security solutions. Governments would also aspire to install a video surveillance system throughout the Middle East including the adoption of IP surveillance, analytic and storage system.

Middle East security market Dubai 2020


Strong demand for new technologies

The demand particularly concerns advanced technology solutions. The current Middle East security market is indeed undergoing profound changes: “Up to now most companies have turned to traditional systems for their security needs, entailing numerous limitations such as the lack of real-time control and instant crisis management” explains Dimitrios Zacharakis, Terracom’s, a CEO Greek integrated IT solutions provider. Customers are now looking for new intelligent monitoring systems to overcome these limitations, pushing the market upwards.

Far beyond traditional video security, the new wave of artificial intelligence and application solutions based on deep learning, are helping us to make better sense of the skyrocketing data we are faced with today. This new level of proactive response is set to help change the future of video surveillance operations.” adds Tooma Chong, Director of Digifort, Dubai’s video management software provider.

Middle East security market is to watch out for; all evidence points to a strong investment potential in the future.

Autonomous drones for surveillance such as the SKEYETECH drone-in-a-box system, will have definitely an important role to play.

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