Integrate a Skeyetech drone for surveillance with VMSs

Posted in Partnerships on December 9, 2019

Heighten observation capabilities, rapid access to information, responsiveness in decision-making…, benefits of surveillance drones are numerous. Specially designed for sensitive and industrial sites security, the autonomous drone Skeyetech makes this technology accessible to private security players. Without a remote pilot, the Skeyetech drone for surveillance can be directly operated by a safety agent and be interfaced with existing safety devices. Lucie Lecestre, Marketing Director at Azur Drones, explains its integration specificities. 


Intégration du drone de sécurité Skeyetech aux différents VMS

The Skeyetech drone-in-a-box system has been designed for the safety and security of sensitive and industrial sites. From its very beginnings, it has been designed to easily integrate an existing security network. The Skeyetech surveillance drone can integrate an IP network like any other IP sensor and directly interfaces with the VMSs (Video Management Systems), i.e. the safety software used by security officers.

Since 2018, Azur Drones has been a Technology Partner of Genetec. This partnership means security teams can use the Skeyetech drone directly into Genetec Security Center. It is also possible to use the Skeyetech drone for surveillance into Milestone’s Xprotect software.

The interface has been designed to be very simple to use and highly intuitive. The security officer can at any time launch a mission, either a preprogrammed one like a patrol or a mission automatically triggered by a sensor. The security officer will then be able to track the drone on a map and, at any time, pause the mission to take over the camera using a joystick like any PTZ camera.

With the Skeyetech surveillance drone, our objective is to remove the drone’s technology and complexity to give the security officer a mobile aerial view that will save him time, allow him to move faster, be more efficient and have more information without putting him in danger, all that without increasing his everyday workload.

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